Web Presence and Design for Small Businesses

McDuffee Associate's Web Page Design Philosophy

The fundamental reason for a small business to have a website is to improve communication with your [potential] customers, NOT to impress the "power users," equipped with the latest hardware, software and ultra-high speed internet connections, with the technical virtuosity of the web page designer.  

In many cases your potential customers are using obsolescent computer hard/soft ware and have only slow-speed dial-up internet access severely limiting their ability to access "feature rich" websites with extensive graphics and animation, using the latest enhancements such as frames and JavaScripts.

McDuffee Associate's websites therefore are developed under the K. I. S. S. [Keep It Simple Stupid] principal, avoiding the use of frames, animation, "enhancements" and unnecessary graphics, for your customers with 28.8 kbaud dial-up internet access and older computers. 

This has the added benefit that with minimal instruction, your computer savvy employees, using existing programs such as MicroSoft Word, can make minor updates to your webpage such as changes in telephone numbers, job titles and personnel.  McDuffee Associates also provides in-house training in MicroSoft FrontPage and other webpage editing programs if you would like to perform more intensive website maintenance, extension and development.

If you would like to explore setting up your own website please email George McDuffee at gmcduffee@mcduffee-associates.us or call him (620)-251-5018.  We can set-up and maintain a website for you anywhere in the world.

McDuffee Associates does not provide website hosting or registration, but works with your local providers to register your domain name [http://www.yourbusiness.com] and set up email accounts [yourname@yourbusiness.com].  The cost is minimal and greatly improves your web presence.  In the Coffeyville/Independence [Kansas] area Terraworld is our suggested internet service provider [ISP].  Send an email to Nick Bright at nick-tech@terraworld.net for prices and specific information.  He is a nice person and very knowledgeable.

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