Uncle George's dissertation.

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Dissertation and tables/graphs

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  compdsrt.pdf complete dissertation in pdf format less charts and graphs. (c. 320 pages when formatted)  charts and graphs add about another 100 pages. 
 Chapt1.pdf  Chapter 1 -- Introduction: The problem and its setting
 Chapt2.pdf  Chapter 2 -- Review of the Literature
 Chapt3.pdf  Chapter 3 -- Methodology
 Chapt4.pdf   Chapter 4 -- Findings and Results
  Chapt5.pdf  Chapter 5 -- Conclusions and Discussion
   bblgrphy.pdf  Bibliography for dissertation.  

 Following are monographs developed  from my dissertation, 
primarily from the appendix data.

   corp.pdf   An examination of how corporations have evolved into the Frankenstein's monsters of today
  femwork.pdf Excerpt from my dissertation examining the "feminization" of the American     work-force  and work-place and the relationship to vocational/technical education
  accrmod.pdf An accretion v. linear model of economic evolution specifically examining the assumption of Pieget type development which forbids regression and stage repetition.  Helps explain high societal stress levels
  ValOfEd Excerpt from dissertation calculating "value of post-secondary education" to a student using DFC/ROI and income trends/projections in CPI $ for various educational levels
  freetrd.pdf   Free Trade -- Does comparative advantage still exist?  Why limitations on capital export [including intellectual] may be as important as limitations on immigration in preserving a high equitably distributed per capita national  income [standard of living]



Fortune 1000 data

GDP & population data


How many countries does it take to equal one Wal-Mart?  Cumulative GPDs of poorest to richest nations [GDP order] compared to the gross incomes of the largest trans-national corporations [largest to smallest]  Question: should Wal-Mart et al. have a seat on the Security Council in the U.N.?

PDF format -- xls available on email request

  eos.pdf  I cut it off twice and its still too short: "Economy of Scale" meets the "Law of Diminishing Returns." See how the Fortune 500 do using 4 measures of size and 4 measures of profit.  
  casevgen.pdf  Why improving the individual no longer seems to help society as a whole.  Problem is the dichotomy between individual/case solutions and generic/class effects. 
  sklsprem.pdf   "Skills Premium" or how wages can go down in the middle of a labor "shortage"
  Data charts and tables in pdf format -- xls available on request.
 MYA = Mid Year Average, CPI = Consumer Price Index (U)
  WheatPrices.pdf   Table & graph of CPI adjusted MYA wheat prices -- free food in 2010!!
  CornPrcs,pdf  Midyear average corn prices in CPI dollars
  HogPrcs.pdf    Mid year average hog prices in CPI dollars
  FSI.pdf   Changes in family income in quintile distribution in CPI dollars 1947-1994
  cattle.pdf  MYA cattle prices in CPI dollars
  bnkrptrt.pdf  US Bankruptcies per million population 
  djia.pdf  Dow Jones Industrial Averages 1900-1997 showing phases of economic change and periods of gross speculation

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