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LFTR01.pdf A detailed Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor [LFTR] proposal. PDF
Sep 2012
Open Office spreadsheet
"Right to Work" state data (dummy coded 1=yes, 0=no), family poverty level, median family income, and gini coefficient.  Data by state with regression analysis & F test. Oct 2012
wwprop01.pdf Outline for possible BOTTOM UP preliminary investigation into the role pharmaceuticals or other substances may be playing in the apparent upsurge in veteran related illogical and egregisouly excessive violence PDF
15 Feb 2013
SB11-01.pdf A suggested mandatory protocol to be implemented at the state level [Kansas] for the TOP DOWN collection and correlation of data/evidence of illogical and/or egregiously violent incidents.  Letter to my state legislators PDF
 Feb 2013
sgtdf01.pdf A general proposal to establish a shale gas to liquid fuel developmental and demonstration project in the state of Kansas Feb 2013
draftKScurrency01.pdf A draft proposal to create a legal alternative currency by issuing small denomination state bearer bonds in the case of a currency crisis.  Feb 2013
Debt Quackery A letter to my Congressional representatives outlining what I think must be done to avoid new asset bubbles and another real estate boom/bust PDF
Feb 2013
Raising the Minimum Wage A letter to my Congressional representatives  outlining what I think about raising the minimum wage in the context of President's SOTU remarks PDF
Feb 2013
State [Kansas] Economic Development Proposal A proposal to use a combination of high severance taxes and targeted subsidies to be funded from those taxes to promote instate high value added processing of commodities PDF Feb 2013
Curfew Proposal A good idea whose time has come again.  A proposal to implement restrictions to curb violence and anti-social behavior, where these may do some good, and only where these may do some good PDF Feb 2013
NID Proposal I

NID Proposal II
Two proposals to my Federal legislators justifying and urging the adoption of a mandatory National Identity Document (card)  [NID] to collect hard data BEFORE attempting to revise the immigration statutes/regulations.  A NID is required in all countries in the western hemisphere, other than the U. S. and Canada.  The society/culture of the U. S. has changed so drastically a NID is now required.  Additionally, a central NID database is to be created, possibly maintained and operated by one of the major credit card companies using their networks, to allow immediate verification, and in the later stages of implementation, the transmission of photograph, ala FaceBook. PDF Jan 2013
Keep the Ban
on corporate farming
A summary with references of why the Kansas ban on corporate ownership and operation of farms and ranches should not be repealed, and why regulations should remain on corporate feel lot operations. PDF Mar 2013
Muni bond abuse A letter to my Federal legislators about limiting the increasing abuse of municipal bonds by restricting the exclusion of interest income from these bonds from the Federal income tax PDF Apr 2013
SNAP Effectiveness Improvement Program
v6.0  A work-in-progress -- A proposal to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP] (food stamps), both in the immediate short-term, and avoidance of catastrophic increases in taxpayer funded health-care and disability costs in the long term. PDF Dec 2013
Revenue Source Graph
Revenue Source Dataset
Graph (PDF) and dataset (XLS) of the source of Federal tax revenues as per cent of GDP 1934 - 2012 source:OMB  Jan 2014
WFPR Graph

WFPR Dataset
Graph (PDF) and dataset (ODS OpenOffice) of the U. S. workforce participation rate in per cent and the DJIA as per cent change from prior month.  Correlation coefficient r^2 zero to 3 decimal places Jan 2014
V.A. I
Two letters to my Federal legislators about the V.A. shortcomings, and suggestions for action.  V. A. II has specific itemized action items  PDF
May 2014
Solve 4 Problems Letter to my Federal legislators on how to solve 4 major national problems using existing federal funds: (1) High level nuclear waste disposal;  (2) Domestic energy shortages; (3) Non-nuclear waste disposal; and (4) STEM unemployment and underutilization of heavy domestic industry. PDF 
May 2014


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