Our two Compact 10 lathes.

The Compact 10 lathe is no longer in production, however EMCO Maier GmbH, an Austrian company, continues to produce a line of exceptionally  high quality manual lathes and CNC turning and machining centers for production and education.  Click here to go to their English language product page  http://www.emco.at/produkte_uebersicht.php?changelan 

Information on the Compact 10 and other other out-of-production Emco machine tools can be seen at http://www.lathes.co.uk/emco/page8.html 

General specifications:

This is our basic Emco compact 10 lathe.  We are fortunate to have the 5-C collet adapter and a reasonably complete set of collets.  We also have a 6 inch three jaw chuck, an 8 inch 4 jaw chuck, and are machining a 12 inch face plate [see picture on separate page] from a donated blank pipe flange.  While this lathe has change gears rather than the more modern quick change gear box, this provides additional threading options and helps the students to master the calculations required for correct threading.  As one of our class projects, we are machining additional change gears [see separate page for details] to increase our threading capabilities and provide student experience with gear cutting.  We are just completing machining of an adapter to vertically mount a surplus compound [top] slide to provide limited milling capabilities with this machine.  While separate milling machines have much greater capabilities, the ability to adapt and improvise can be critical in many maintenance and home machine shops where a milling machine is not available.

This lathe has the optional vertical/horizontal factory milling head installed.  The machine lights are not factory standard equipment but they get the job done.  The rear mount cut-off tool holder for the other Emco lathe is being machined in this photo. [see other page for details of this project.]


Emco Compact 10 Instruction and Service Parts manuals in pdf format
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NOTE! blank pages *NOT* scanned

  Instruction Manual


pages 00-09
im11-19.pdf pages 10-19
im21-29.pdf pages 21-29
im30-39.pdf pages 30-39
im40-49.pdf pages 40-49
im50-60.pdf pages 50-60
  service parts
spm01-10.pdf pages 00-09
spm10-20.pdf pages 10-19
spm20-30.pdf pages 20-29
spm31-36.pdf pages 31-36

One source for Emco parts in the US is Blue Ridge Machinery

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