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Course number Course Title

Instructor's  Description [not all classes are "for credit."  If you are working toward a degree be sure to verify course type.]

DFTG1309 Beginning
Introduction to computer aided drafting
stressing AutoCAD
DFTG2319 Intermediate
AutoCAD with extensions and add-ins
INMT1349 Materials & Processes (non-ferrous foundry) Intro to metal casting -- Stressing aluminum and zinc alloys.  Open back and cope & drag oil sand, lost foam and plaster molding stressed.  Some pattern making.  Learn to make your own hot wire foam cutter and furnace
MCHN1308 Basic Lath (now combined with MCHN1313 in MCHN1338) Covered Introdution to Machine Shop Practices stressing lathe operation
MCHN1313 Basic Mill (now combined with MCHN1308  in MCHN1338) Covered Introduction to Machine Shop Practices stressing mill operation
MCHN1338 Basic Machining While the use of trig formulas, gear ratio calculation and conversion of between/among decimal inch, fractional inch and metric dimensions are an integral part of the trade, in this class these concepts are embedded and contextualized by extensive application in many “hands on” activities which stress both safety and the production of useful traditional apprentice machinist’s projects such as parallel jaw clamps, prick and center punches, and pump shafts or “wigglers.”  Supporting activities such as print reading, lay-out, tool grinding, and precision “set-up” are stressed.  This class emphasizes the safe and efficient operation of traditional manual machines, for the low-volume production or modification/repair of items with minimal “attachments” or special tooling, that is traditional “craft” machining.
PrMr0101 Precision Measurements Class developed but not offered.  Covers use and care of common precision measuring tools, sine bars, gauge blocks, surface plates, unit conversion, mechanical layout/inspection
MATH2342 Intro to Statistics Class developed but not offered.  Introduction to basic statistics stressing shop/S.P.C. applications, hand calculations are minimized by using the M/S Excel spreadsheet

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