A few suggested tool, machine and material suppliers.  Most will send you a catalog on request.  A few suppliers sell only to businesses and you will need a tax number to order.

Company URL comments
R& R Sheet Metal and Machine Shop
110 East Grand
Borger, TX
phone 806.274.2361

ask for R.E.

Despite the name, a good local source of  HR and CD steel plate, bar and shapes [angle iron, I beam] on addition to sheet. Some stainless available  Will cut to size.  May be a cut charge depending on how busy they are.  Nice people to deal with.
801 E. Grand
Borger, TX
phone 806.273.6408

ask for Jim

Tremendous stock of standard and semi-standard inch, metric and acme fasteners.  If they don't have it in stock they will get it. Nice people to deal with.  Look for the guard cat on the counter.
Morton Lumber / Ace Hardware
700 South Ceder
Borger, Texas
phone 806.273.6261 Good stock of inch and metric fasteners.  Limited supply of allthread and MS steel bar. Resonable supply of drills and standard taps. Nice people to deal with
Enco Tool Company http://www.use-enco.com Enco is the retail side of MSC and can obtain anything in the MSC catalog.  
Wholesale Tool Company http://www.wttool.com Exceptionally good prices on end-mills, drills, taps, and reamers.  
Penn Tool Company http://www.penntool.com Frequently has machining books and computer software on sale.  Prices and quality are slightly higher than Enco & Wholesale Tool
Travers Tool Company http://www.travers.com On a par with Penn Tool Co. Same comments apply.   
MSC Industrial Supply Company http://www1.mscdirect.com Parent company of Enco.  Sells commercial accounts only, but Enco will sell anything in the MSC line.  Catalog is 8 1/2 X 11 X 6 inches thick.  A superb reference.
H & H Industrial Products http://www.hhip.com Very good prices on a limited line of specialty items.  More toolmaker than general machining tools.  Seem to stress layout tools such as magnetic sine bars and vises, keyless drill chucks, rotary tables and dividing heads.  Very good prices on ER collets and adapters.  Seem to be a direct importer of Taiwan overruns.
Harbor Freight http://www.harborfreight.com A low cost supplier of  PRC and Indian made tools.  For one time use and starter tools H.F. is hard to beat.  Franchise store in Amarillo.  


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