Repeatability/consistency of setting is always a problem on Baldor style carbide grinders.  
see for details of the real thing and see for the type grinder

Our classes have machined gages to check and set the table angle.  Nothing fancy, but much more accurate and repeatable than using the factory "protractor" cast into the table supports.

 In combination with the tool grinding fixture [see separate page] accurate and consistent lathe tools are  easily produced by even beginning students.  Angles produced by setting the table, generally relief and rake, are repeatable, consistent, and as accurate as we can measure using a standard machinist's protractor.

1 inch X 1 inch CRS was used, primarily because we had several pieces of the right length available.  While only one gage is shown, several have been made for the common relief angles for both straight/carbide tool holders and those with built-in back rake.


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