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This survey is designed to determine the frequency and depth of "Learned Dependency" and similar attitudes in the community.  Considerable research over a number of years and across numerous cultures has shown that a major obstacle to successful long-term implementation of Economic Development projects, particularly in rural and micro-urban areas in long term or increasing decline,  is "Learned Dependency."

This survey is based on an instrument developed by Dr. Francis Ward, and cited by
 Dr. Benjamin A. Smallheer in his February 2011 dissertation at Vanderbilt.

There are no right or wrong answers.

20 statements follow that you are asked to read carefully.  After reading and considering each item, respond as to how closely you agree or disagree with each statement by selecting a response in the pull down menu by each statement.  A response for each item is required before the survey can be submitted.  A decline to respond option is provided for any statement or question you are not comfortable responding to.


S1:  No Matter how much time or energy I put into a task, I feel I have no control over the outcome.
S2:  I feel that my own inability to solve problems is the cause of my failures.
S3:  I can not find solutions to difficult problems.
S4:  I do not place my self in situations which I can not totally control.
S5:  If I complete a task successfully, it is probably because I was lucky.
S6:  I do not have the ability to solve most of life's problems.
S7:  When I do not succeed at a task I do not attempt any similar tasks because I feel that I will fail at them also. 
S8:  When something does not turn out the way I planned, I know it is because I did not have the ability to start with.
S9:  Other people have more control over their successes and/or failures than I do.
S10:  I do not try a new task if I have failed at similar tasks in the past.
S11:  When I perform poorly it is because I don't have the ability to perform better.
S12:  I do not accept a task that I do not think I will succeed in.


S13:  I feel that I have little control over the outcomes of my work.
S14:  I am unsuccessful at most tasks I try.
S15:  I feel that anyone else could do better than me in most tasks.
S16:  I am unable to reach my goals in life.
S17:  When I don't succeed at a task my own stupidity is to blame.
S18:  No matter how hard I try, things never seem to work out the way I want them to.
S19:  I feel that my success reflects chance, not my ability.
S20:  My behavior does not seem to influence the success or failure of my work group.


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Summary of above responses

 Total "Learned Dependency" score --  X
Possible scores are 0 to 80 with
 0 (0%) = no learned dependency and 
80 (100%)  = total learned dependency   
your % rating -- X1%
number of "declined to answer" items -- Y
Number of "did not understand items -- Z
NOTE: any "declined to answer," 
"response not selected" or
 "did not understand" items 
makes the above score/rating TOO LOW.


Your Demographic Information.
This information is needed to statistically analyze the data collected by this survey.  A response to all items must be selected from the pull down menus before this survey can be submitted.  If you are uncomfortable answering any item, a <declined> option is provided.

D1: How long have you lived in Finney county Kansas? 
D2:  What year were you born?
D3:  What is your gender?
D4:  What is your marital status? 
D5: Do you consider yourself to be a homemaker (House Wife/House Husband)?    
D6: Highest grade completed: 
D7:  Where do you live -- type of residence?
D8:  Where do you live -- location? 
D9:  What is your current job status?
D10:  What is your current main job type?
D11:  How long have you been at your current job?
D12:  What is your current job location?
D13:  What is your job commuting DISTANCE -- one way?
D14:  What is your job commuting TIME --one way?
D15:  How is your general health, given your age?


Your comments, observations and suggestions about this survey would be appreciated.  Please be sure to reference the statement or demographic item and if the problem is that your desired response was not on the pull down menu, please prove suggested/desired response.  Other demographic items would also be appreciated.  Take all the space you need/want and if you would like a response include your email address. While the DATA from this survey is recorded for statistical analysis, the names/addresses of those taking the survey are not.


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