A Major Depression Inventory based on WHO research.

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The following questions ask about you have been feeling over the last two weeks.
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which is closest to how you have been feeling.

How much of the time over the last two weeks...

1. ... have you felt low in spirits or sad?
2. ... have you lost interest in your daily activities?
3. ... have you felt lacking in energy and strength?
4. ... have you felt less self confident?
5. ... have you had a bad conscience or feelings of guilt?
6. ... have you felt that life was not worth living?
7. ... have you had trouble concentrating, e.g. reading the newspaper or watching TV?                                    
8a. ... have you felt very restless?
8b. ... have you felt subdued or slowed down?
9. ... have you had trouble sleeping at night?
10a. ... have you suffered from reduced appetite?

10b. ... have you suffered from increased appetite?

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Note that if you declined to answer or did not understand any of the diagnostic questions, the above calculated index is inaccurate and generally too low.  You may change your responses and click on the button below to recalculate.

Values for the index, across a large number of individuals and cultures

8 to 15 Some depression but within normal limits, unless this is of long duration.
20 to 25 Serious depression levels indicated which may be effecting work, study, family and other relationships.
30 and above  Indicates very serious levels of clinical depression and it suggested you contact a qualified professional as soon as possible, as this level is almost certain to be seriously adversely affecting your quality-of-life, employment, family and other relationships



Demographic Information
optional but very helpful in our statistical analysis 

Select "declined" for any item you are uncomfortable answering.

Year you were born:
Marital Status:
Do you consider yourself to be a home maker (house wife/husband)?
Highest grade completed: 
Residence Type:
Residence Location:
Current Employment Status:
Employment Type:
Employment duration:
Employment Location:
Employment Commuting Distance (one way):
Employment Commuting Time (one way):


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Additional demographic items would also be helpful.  What do you think would contribute to higher stress and/or depression? 

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date last updated: 10/09/2011